The Hard And reprove

In search of customers, many private institutions make precarious the vestibular It is increasingly easy to have access to higher education, particularly in private educational institutions. For in search of customers, some colleges make precarious access to courses.

In most cases, colleges entrance examination tests the present few issues and require a low quality text and knowledge of Portuguese to approve the candidate often access and done through an essay ever and taken seriously. Result? It became more difficult task failures an entrance exam to be approved.

Many cases students enroll and will not take the test and colleges come in contact to make the registration.

Some of the private institutions have two types of selection: the traditional entrance exam and the scheduled test. Traditional happens only once every six months, and usually offer a percentage of scholarships. The second selection option can be scheduled by the candidate in a given period that begins months before the semester start.

The ease of the vestibular and the access to higher education can generate superficial professionals. “I found the test very easy, I thought it would be harder. In my room, I see you have many students who are just there to ensure qualification to tender. “. Report of a student for this blog.

The problem that harms the candidate selection mode in educational private institutions start to be identified during the course. Many end up giving up halfway, because they can not take on. Ministry of Education data show that between 2008 and 2009, 896 455 students left the university – representing an average of 20.9% of the students universe.

Today the greatest difficulty is not pass the entrance exam, but get a Fies.

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